Top 3 Wholesale Medical Supply in Malaysia

wholesale medical supply

Are you in the market looking for the best wholesale medical supply in Malaysia? Look no further as we have done the research and laid out our comprehensive reviews of where you can buy medical supply in bulk.

What to look for in a wholesale medical supply company

When first establishing a business relationship with any company, it is crucial to learn the purchasing terms before embarking on a long-term business relationship with the company.

Things you should look out for and ask in advance before deciding to procure your medical supplies from the particular medical supplier should include:

  • Product range
  • Track record
  • Purchasing terms – how long can they extend credit for?
  • Shipping terms and logistics
  • Minimum order quantity

All these should factor into your procurement decision. With Reemedy Marketplace, you can cut your research time in half by accessing Malaysia’s medical supply wholesalers information fully online and view their complete catalogue.

Medico Sdn Bhd

Medico is one the well-known suppliers in the market with their flagship Mediscience brand. They supply to the government as well as private hospitals regularly. Medico prides itself in its impeccable customer service and on-time delivery.

Good news! Now you can purchase Mediscience products directly on Reemedy, Malaysia’s one-stop online medical supply marketplace.

DWP Pharma Sdn Bhd

DWP Pharma is another medical supply wholesaler specialising in their flagship SofTril nitrile gloves. SofTril is known to be of higher quality and doesn’t tear easily. This company currently supplies to a few private hospital labs as well as private GP clinics all around Malaysia.

Check out their online store over at

Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd

Pinang Medical Supplies (PMS) is one of the biggest and well-known healthcare product suppliers in Malaysia. They carry an extensive range of products and distribute their products to various institutions around the country. Pinang Medical Supplies has its headquarters based in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

They used to have an online store at but recently it seems the site has gone down.

Buy Wholesale Medical Supply Online in Malaysia

Now you can search online for the product you need without calling and emailing different distributors just to look for the specific product you need. With Reemedy Marketplace, buyers can search, discover and purchase medical supplies securely without any hassles. You can negotiate better terms and communicate directly with our vendors.

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