BioFizz 40 Plus

Saw Palmetto Extract - Treatment for male lower urinary tract symptoms (night time urination, urinary retention, and painful urination) - Prevention of prostate cancer - Increase in hair growth and quality (effective for both men and women) Cape Jasmine Fruit - Maintain liver function and hepatocyte integrity - Prevent or delay the onset and progression of type II diabetes mellitus - Genipin, has anti-tumour effect that is beneficial in prostate and cervical cancer Ginkgo Biloba - Memory enhancement, assist with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease - Brain boosting effect and increase concentration - Alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, where ginkgolide has anxiolytic effects - Treatment for muscle numbness Plantain Seed - Useful in treating diarrhoea and constipation - Lower cholesterol level by preventing it from being absorbed by the body and forcing it to be eliminated - Regulate blood pressure due to its diuretic effect Chinese Yam - Promote healthy gastrointestinal tract due to the presence of dioscin that helps to suppress gastric acid secretion - Has anti-diabetic effect, where its active ingredient, allantoin, helps to maintain normal insulin and glucose levels - Decrease total cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis Radix Polyporus - Enhances the activity of immune cells, aid in wound healing and help prevent infections - Β-glucan found in this mushroom has the ability to prevent cancer - Diuretic effects Nettle Root - The extract of nettle root able to treat benign prostate hyperplasia through inhibition of dihydrotestosterone synthesis (prevent the growth of prostatic cells) and antagonism at androgen receptors (disrupt the binding of DHT to the receptors in prostate) - Treatment for osteoarthritis and joint pain
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