Silverfil Argentum 1 spill - world's only dental amalgam with zero excess mercury (Jar of 250 capsules)

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Silverfil Argentum works just like any other dental filling, employing the same usage and handling techniques, but minus the problems of excess mercury within the fillings. Silverfil Argentum consists of only pure silver particles and a partially amalgamated silver-mercury powder. It contains no tin or copper. Tests have proven that Silverfil Argentum has zero excess mercury in the fillings, unlike conventional dental amalgams. Used by dentists around the world for over 15 years.


Technical Data:


  • 74% Ag
  • 26% Hg (in powder form combined with silver)
  • Irregular particles <38 microns


  • US FDA 510 (k)
  • Singapore HSA
  • ISO 24234 Dentistry - Mercury and alloys for dental amalgam
  • BS EN 1641 Dentistry - Medical devices for dentistry. Materials.
  • ISO 10993-3 Genotoxicity
  • ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity
  • ISO 10993-10 Skin Sensitization

Product packaging

Box of 50 self-activating capsules / Jar of 250 self-activating capsules.

  • 1 spill (blue cap)
  • 2 spill (green cap)
  • 3 spill (yellow cap)

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