Why you should not ignore B2B eCommerce?


The case for medical device B2B eCommerce

As per the 2019 UC B2B Ecommerce Market Report, B2B sales transactions in the United States alone grew by 11% to cross the $1 trillion mark in 2018. 75% of B2B manufacturers and wholesalers who don’t yet have an ecommerce strategy, plan to have one in the next two years.

The reality is that B2B companies have seen the kind of benefits ecommerce has to offer, in terms of not only cost efficiency but also saving of time, increased process transparency, better vendor consolidation, and reduced paperwork. Ecommerce allows B2B buyers better research options in terms of comparing costs, weighing features and performing their cost-benefit analysis.

Direct B2B sales made in person have for a long time relied exclusively on trust and reputation. However, with the massive inflow of new entrants in the market, it is too soon to assess the reputations and reliability. Buyers instead prioritize fast shipping, easy payments and other conveniences associated with e-commerce.

Big Companies are Using B2B Ecommerce

Boeing, the aviation giant has entered the B2B ecommerce arena with the launch of Modification Marketplace—a bespoke airplane modification service giving customers instant access to everything they need for custom airplane modification. The process completely bypasses cumbersome paperwork and leafing through catalogs and waiting forever. The B2B ecommerce portal of Modification Marketplace allows customers to view the availability of special parts, place orders, and even adjust pricing plans and other paraphernalia. Not only that, Boeing has another subsidiary Aviall, that even uses a mobile app, to sell all aviation associated products such as tires, pares, aerospace chemicals, oils, and machinery.

When a company like Boeing adopts B2B ecommerce on such a scale, it is a sure sign of where this industry is headed. The ease of use, time savings and customer experiences offered by B2B ecommerce portals is outshining legacy B2B systems in a notable way, providing early adopters a distinctive edge over the competition. Another large company Staples, recently acquired Essendant, a top B2B ecommerce distributor of office and industrial supplies, for $996 million. This acquisition is directly aimed at helping Staples expand its reach in the B2B ecommerce segment and appeal to wider masses in newer territories.

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